Your child is unique.
So is Watkinson.

Our mission is to give our students the power to shape their lives and the world around them. 

A clear mission is essential in order to do great things. And the more deeply a teacher or a coach—or, indeed, a student—understands that mission, the more effectively he or she will meet it.  
Watkinson is a mission-driven institution. 

The mission directs our academic program and grounds our community in a set of common values and attitudes. Every decision we make comes home here. Does this program/this hire/this technique help us meet our mission better? It sets the focus for our evaluations and assessments of student work. Is this student gaining in her power? It helps us design curriculum and programs. Does this approach help our students shape the world? 

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Four Questions Every Parent Should Ask
Q. What is the object of your curriculum and how does your program support it?

Q. How does your daily schedule support your mission?

Q. How does the diversity of your school further the mission?

Q. What core values drive your mission?
While we still print Watkinson News once or twice a year, now that many families opt not to receive magazines (supporting sustainability efforts of both the school and their own families), we also make the printed issue of Watkinson News available as a downloadable PDF for your convenience. 
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