Your child is unique. 

So is Watkinson.

Our mission is to give our students the power to shape their own lives and the world around them. Our job is to help your child discover and pursue his or her fullest potential. Our approach is a rigorous commitment to individuality—a combination of challenge and support in which no one falls through the cracks and the limits of possibility are continually expanding. 

The rigors of a college-preparatory education are well known. But that's only the beginning. The disciplines of creative and critical thinking take Watkinson students to another level. The practices of self-reflection and self-advocacy, essential questioning, presentation, writing across the curriculum, and cross-disciplinary (and multiple-learning-style) curriculum design combine with a culture that encourages intellectual risk-taking and a diversity of perspectives.

From sixth grade to our Post-Graduate year, Watkinson offers a genuinely different experience. Our excellence is widely recognized: We are a "Lead School" of the Coalition of Essential Schools; our faculty receive awards and grants to present and study both nationally and internationally; our college counseling office has received national recognition as "Counselors That Change Lives."

Watkinson is not a sound-bite school; we have a lot to tell you, and talking about educational philosophy can be complex. But feeling the Watkinson difference is a simple matter. We are pleased to invite you to one of our many Open Houses—a chance for prospective families to visit our historic campus, meet with members of our faculty, and learn more about what our unique and exceptional programs can offer your child. Of course, we offer day visits for students, and parent interviews can be scheduled any time. You are also more than welcome to come attend a sporting event, play, concert, or lecture.

Beginning the application process is simple. Call (860) 236-5618 to schedule an appointment with Admissions and click here to begin the online application.

Also feel free to explore our website and read about our mission and what people say about a Watkinson education.

Please call us at any time with questions. We look forward to your call and to welcoming you on campus.

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