Watkinson School at a Glance
• Founded in 1881
• Coed day school
• Grades 6-PG (Post graduate year)
• 260 students from 43 towns, reflecting a wide range of academic, personal and socioeconomic backgrounds
• Faculty includes 43 teachers, 26 of whom hold master’s degrees or above
• Student-teacher ratio 6:1
• Average class size 13
• Trimester calendar
• Advisor system focuses around the school’s core values; each advisor guides 6-8 students; advisors and students meet daily
• Students of color: 29%
• 8 Middle School, 17 Upper School interscholastic athletic teams fielded annually; Hudson Valley Athletic League and New England Prep School Athletic Council
A current parent describes attending a Watkinson graduation: "I can tell you in no uncertain terms that there is no poetic license or hyperbole involved.  Graduation is an event that is extraordinary and to experience it is to refresh your faith in education, community and our future.  I was alternatively overwhelmed with emotion, prouder than I ever thought I could be and unimaginably humbled by what I saw and heard.  I happened to sit next to another current parent and--thank God for that--she handed me tissues at every possible opportunity and I needed them all."  To read more, click here.
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Awards and Accreditations

• Founding Member of the National Center for Independent School Renewal

• Named a Lead School by the Coalition of Essential Schools

• Member of the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools

• Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges
• Received the 2010 CT Association of Independent Schools Award for Leadership