At Watkinson, we take great pride in what we teach and why. We invite you to download and browse our course catalog to see for yourself. Never cast in stone, our curriculum is updated regularly and reflects our commitment to filling our classes with vibrant, current, and effective lessons and material. Our teachers are empowered to change course within their classrooms as they recognize that a particular group of students might benefit from a new approach, a reordering of a lesson, or a different book. This flexibility and agility challenges and supports all kinds of minds and is a hallmark of our educational philosophy.
Look for the connections between courses and the transitions from introductory to sophisticated skills. If you have any questions or observations, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Classroom Visitors and Field Trips
American Sign Language
• Field trip to American School for the Deaf
• Typically, a deaf person and an interpreter visit annually

Creation Ensemble
• Saw CRUCIBLE at Hartford Stage
Creative Arts Program
• Attend rehearsal for MOMIX modern dance troupe at the Warner Theater (with global studies students)
• Hear author Jonathan Safran Foer speak
• Master Class on Art Restoration with Professor Henry dePhillips of Trinity College and Italy
• Master Class with Hillary Cohen '03, Assistant Director for the TV series MAD MEN
• Full day field trip to New York City, including: Walking the High line trail and seeing the public art, touring the Rubin Museum of Himalayan Art, visiting to HBO studios with President Richard Plepler '76, hearing a talk by author Patricia McCormick about her forthcoming novel, seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman in DEATH OF A SALESMAN
Global Studies
• Attend Connecticut Forum
• Full day trip to New York City, including:  touring the Museum of Natural History, touring the 9-11 Tribute Center, seeing a production of "Agamemnon Home"
• Hearing a talk by Professor Dario Euraque of Trinity College's History Department speak on the history of the Dominican Republic
• Classroom visit and discussion with Jason Turetsky of the Israeli Consulate in New York City
• Classroom visit and discussion with Sarah and Sajia--Afghan girls speaking on gender in Afghanistan
• Hearing a talk by Psychologist Kate Porterfield, speaking on torture and PTSD in War on Terrorism (joint speaker with War on Terrorism class)
• Classroom visit and discussion with Sergio Ramirez, on Venezuelan politics and society

Healthy Living
• Stonewall Speakers come every year
• CPR presentation to 6th grade
• Cardiologist Dr. Knox presents to 6th graders studying the cardiovascular system

• Throughout January, Venezuelan co-teacher from Caracas vistited several classes
• In April, one or two seniors from a school in Isla Margarita in Venezuela visited.
• 4 students attended career day at Hartford Stage

War on Terrorism
• Classroom visit and discussion with Peter Van Loon, Capt. U.S. Navy Reserves—retired, on service in Afghanistan
• Hearing a talk by Hikmet Aslan, Asst. Director of International Students at the U. of Hartford, and 5 other Muslim guests--on Islam and stereotypes about Islam
Women in a Global Context
• Field trip to the Harriet Beecher Stowe House
• Legal services attorney Lucy Potter spoke about local poverty, especially as it affects women
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