After a year of intense work, Watkinson School's board of trustees adopted a 5-year Strategic Plan, entitled The Shape of Things to Come, in June of 2016.

The Introduction Excerpted
From its inception in 1881, Watkinson School has distinguished itself as an exemplary place for students to discover the power and possibility of their intellectual and creative selves. A deliberately small school committed to the principles of Essential schooling, as defined and articulated by Theodore R. Sizer through the Coalition of Essential Schools, Watkinson sees deep learning arise when young people have the chance to work with teachers who know them well and can pay close attention to their intellectual, social, and emotional development. 

In our classrooms and well beyond, Watkinson students understand the value of asking the important questions, of listening carefully, thinking critically, and acting with courage and empathy. Watkinson’s unwavering support of students’ intellectual, social, and emotional growth is evidenced by the close, caring relationships that characterize and ground our unique education. We develop, foster, and nourish these relationships through the intentional design of the school program and our attention to the school’s ideal scope: small enough to know each student in detail as an individual and large enough to allow the richness of our diverse community to permeate every aspect of our program. Our commitment to learning through each academic discipline as well as the Creative Arts, Global Studies, and individualized Learning Skill Programs provide students with unparalleled opportunities to apply and connect meaningful learning to the larger world. Though much has changed since its founding as a rural farm school, Watkinson remains Hartford’s premiere independent school and a gathering place for all kinds of minds.

As the world in which we live becomes increasingly complex, this plan centers on Watkinson’s belief in the difference an Essential School makes in the lives of young people as we strive to place positive power directly into the capable hands and hearts of every Watkinson graduate. 

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