College Counseling


THE COLLEGE COUNSELING process at Watkinson involves an ongoing series of interviews, discussions, and evaluations; a thorough and realistic assessment of each student’s goals, achievements, academic records, and extracurricular activities; and a powerful presentation to colleges of everything a student has to offer. Our goal is to enable our students to find the right match with a school that truly “fits.”

Our philosophy is to help each applicant take charge of his or her own search. We pride ourselves on helping students and their families understand the admissions process; we strongly encourage each student to dream about the future, set goals to help those dreams come true, and be diligent in their research for the right step after earning a Watkinson diploma.


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  • Introduction

    Over the course of the college search process, the College Counseling Office offers a total of seven college programs for students and parents: two in the sophomore year, three in the junior year, and two in the senior year. Students are required to attend these informational sessions; parents are strongly encouraged to join us.
  • Sophomore Year

    College Night for Sophomore Students and Parents is held in October, providing an overview of the entire process and setting the stage for what lies ahead.
  • Junior Year

    The first College Night for juniors and parents is held in November of the junior year and focuses on testing. The second College Night is held in January and features a guest speaker who will address the current climate in college admissions. Students and parents will receive a College Handbook and should be ready to dive into the college process. In addition to discussing basic information about the College Counseling Office at Watkinson, there is a review of the timeline for junior year, an introduction to Family Connection, a web-based college program, and details about all that lies ahead as the college process begins. The final College Night, held in the spring trimester, focuses on preparing students with the tools they need to finalize their Common Application, hone their essay(s), and further their research in the summer months, in order to be ready to tackle the fall application process school resumes in September.
  • Senior Year

    The first College Night during September of the senior year addresses specifics of the college application procedure and the final countdown for the college
    admissions process.

    Additionally, a student workshop series is held throughout the winter and spring
    trimesters for juniors. Topics include: the college essay, student résumé, college visits/interviews, Common Application, teacher recommendation process, and the student profile writing process. Seniors kick off their year with a workshop at the end of August to prepare for the upcoming application season, followed by workshops in the fall, which focus on completion of their applications.

    An optional Testing, Accommodations and Support College Night is offered each fall focusing on extended time testing requirements and the special considerations that students with learning differences encounter in their college search. (This night is ideal for sophomore and junior parents and students. Students enrolled in our Learning Skills Program (LSP) will benefit, as will those students who are not in LSP yet might be candidates for extended time testing.)
  • Optional Financial Aid Workshop

    A workshop, conducted by a college financial aid officer, will also be offered that focuses on the financial aid process. This program is held on a Saturday morning in October.

College Counseling Resource Center

Located in the Wilson Carriage Barn, Room 905, the College Counseling Resource Center was specifically designed to serve as a true resource center for our students. From the day we moved into this new building in Fall 2001, students have gravitated to this well-planned and user-friendly workspace.

The Center is open every day during the school day. Students may use the three computers to research colleges on the Web, work on their applications, essays or résumés, or to email an admissions officer. A designated telephone allows students to contact colleges during regular business hours. A large conference table filled with the most recent resource guides is available for meetings with visiting college representatives, or when students just need room to spread out and work on various aspects of their college research. College and university catalogs and bulletins and references on standardized testing, internships, year-off programs, and summer opportunities are abundant. 

We encourage students to take advantage of the Center and all of the offerings provided. Students may utilize the Center during "Open Center" times or may meet with Mr. Ullram individually, as needed.
Our philosophy is to help each applicant take charge of his or her own search.

Meet the College Counseling Office

The College Counseling department works hard to meet the needs of both our students and their parents. Class of 2004 graduate Becky Small, who matriculated at George Washington University, shared the following words in her graduation speech: "The teachers I look up to are those who make an effort to be more than just teachers to many of their students… [Director of College Counseling] Mr. Ullram is [a] person I admire because he works so hard to move everyone to the future of their choice. As soon as we get into college though, very few [of us] even thank him for all of his hard work and dedication. He is part of what makes Watkinson unique—seeing as public schools don’t get the privilege of a specialized college counselor who knows each student individually, something he makes a huge effort to always do.”  Becky graduated from George Washington University in 2008 with a double major in Political Science and Psychology and subsequently graduated from law school at Temple University.

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  • Terry Ullram 

    Director of College Counseling, Thumbprint Coordinator
    860-236-5618 x130
  • Evelyn Cohen 

    College Counseling Program Manager
    860-236-5618 x170
  • Rae Goldstein 

    Learning Skills Education Specialist Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities
    860-236-5618 x159