For college bound students who aren't yet college ready.

Productive independence. That’s the whole point of college. But what if, for whatever reason, your high school years didn’t adequately prepare you? What if your transcript isn’t quite what you’d like it to be, or you don’t feel prepared for the social, schedule, or academic pressure of college life? Some parents consider a year at community college a viable option for students who feel any of these stressors. Research shows, however, that students who aren't ready for the full academic load of college life often get frustrated and quit. Other students who are gifted, but struggle with one tricky content area, derail their own progress. And still others struggle through, but end up taking the five- or six-year route through college. All of these are costly options.

Enter The Academy at Watkinson. An extension of Watkinson’s unique educational philosophy, The Academy is a pre-college year designed by you. Shape your own balance of studying the world and learning more about yourself.


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Learning Skills Program and The Academy

A flagship program in the education field, Watkinson's Learning Skills Program serves students with high motivation and academic potential who need support in academic and/or study skills. The goal is for every student to develop compensatory skills to become a self-advocate through understanding their strengths and needs.  Learn more here.

International Students and The Academy

The Academy at Watkinson welcomes international students from all over the world. International students enjoy a real American immersion experience, through living with an American host family or on campus.  The Academy offers tremendous learning and leadership opportunities through internships, high school as well as university classes, athletics, the arts, and our excellent ELL program (English Language Learners).  Our outstanding college guidance program will assist you with the entire college application process and will help you find the perfect fit. For more information please contact us.

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