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  • Advisor

    Close connection with faculty is a hallmark of Watkinson. Each Academy student benefits from a personal relationship with an advisor specifically selected for his or her ability to provide this particular student with counsel, direction, and support. The advisor is a partner, not a director; rather than making choices for the Academy student, the advisor provides scaffolding so the student learns to make effective choices on his or her own.
  • Balanced Curriculum

    Each Academy student develops a course of study that balances the goals of building a transcript and developing skills and experience in the realm of his or her personal passions.
  • Work and Life Readiness

    Since many students have not yet settled on a career path, Academy students can choose an internship that lets them get a sense of various work environments. The goal is not to choose a career, but, rather, to begin to establish long-term interests and priorities.
  • Thumbprint

    A core piece of Watkinson’s educational philosophy, this personal portfolio process includes long- and short-term goals; a record of strengths, needs, intentions, and passions; a proposed schedule of classes, activities, weekend and summer resources; and documentation on the student’s progress toward Watkinson’s mission, essential characteristics, and core values.
  • College Courses

    Watkinson’s twenty-five-year-old collaboration with our next-door neighbor, the University of Hartford, and our close proximity to Saint Joseph College and Trinity College, combine the advantages of an excellent, small, state-of-the-art independent school with the resources of renowned universities and colleges.
  • Service Learning

    In compliance with Watkinson’s mission and educational philosophy, Academy students will have the opportunity to contribute to the community and help the underserved in our midst in a manner that is a direct extension of their skills and interests.
“We help students transition to college and help them better understand campus life and the academic rigor that comes with being a college student. In contrast to the 35% of students who drop out of college during the first year, our Academy students have a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed on the next level and beyond, and therefore are less likely to become part of the drop-out rate.”
—Christina Bernbach, Academy Director