Are you being challenged? Do you feel supported?

These are the first questions we ask when meeting a new applicant. As you begin to understand what we offer and we get a sense of what you're looking for, we make our best connections with families who want more out of their child's education: promising students in need of a more engaging learning environment, high-achieving students looking to be challenged, and talented students searching for creative outlets. Our student body is purposefully diverse. Every student presents an array of interests and talents from which the other students and the school as a whole can only benefit. We look forward to learning about what makes you tick, and how you might fit into Watkinson's culture and community.

Our Team

List of 5 members.

  • John Crosson 

    Assistant Head of School/ Director of Admissions
    860-236-5618 x113
  • Shannon  Fortin 

    Associate Director of Admissions
    860-236-5618 ext. 116
  • Carol Martino 

    Associate Director of Admissions
    860-236-5618 x208
  • Maryann  Dupuis 

    Admissions Office Manager
    860-236-5618 x136
  • Jonathan Olear 

    Director of Financial Aid; Plant Supervisor
    860-236-5618 x198