Homeschooling Families

Watkinson has a long and proud history of service to students from families who have homeschooled their children up to middle and even high school. In fact, we find that families who have done things a little differently in their lives enjoy Watkinson's inventive approach and high standards. After interviewing here, one homeschooled student said, "That's as close to homeschooling as I'm going to get in a school."

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  • A Flexible Admissions Process

    We understand that moving into a private school setting can be daunting for homeschooled families—not least because of the admission forms. Teacher recommendations, for instance, may be difficult to come by. Don't worry! Know that we are flexible and want to work with you. For instance, many homeschool families develop a portfolio of their child’s work and submit that with the application in lieu of some of the traditional forms. At any point, contact Director of Admission John Crosson, who will be more than happy to make suggestions and relieve your concerns.
  • Connect with Parents Who've Been There

    Curious about how Watkinson is working for some of our current students who come from a homeschooling background? We have parents ready and eager to speak with you. Let us know you're interested, and we'll get you connected on the phone or via email.

Testimonials from Homeschool Students