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Alumni at Watkinson

The following alumni work at Watkinson:
  • Jen Jandreau ’90 is an assistant in the registrar's office.
  • Heather Ley '85 is the media specialist and coordinator of equity and justice committee.
  • Katie Nissen '13 is the ASL teacher and a girls lacrosse coach
  • Patrick Owens '10 is the assistant director of the SPHERE Summer Program at Watkinson 
  • Michelle Ward '88 is the front desk receptionist

Alumni on the Board of Trustees

  • René Rosado '83
  • Evan Berman '85
  • Katie Lukas '94
  • Pamela Del Negro '95
  • Shawnté Cox Holland '96
  • Bryan L. Obermeier '04

Trustee Emeritus
  • Hoyt Goodrich ’54

Alumni Events

Make a Gift

“Everyday excellence” is more than a description of Watkinson; it’s a promise to our families. We’re committed to providing the resources—personal, intellectual, and material—that allow our students to explore, grow, and thrive. This requires big things: great teachers, accessible advisors, generous scholarships. And it requires smaller things: paper clips, wing nuts, toner cartridges for the photocopier. Tuition covers only part of these ongoing, necessary expenses. The Fund for Everyday Excellence—Watkinson's Annual Fund—does the rest.

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