Watkinson's alumni Lifetime Achievement Award was created in 2011 to honor alumni who have dedicated 20 years or more to shaping the world in one of the school's signature areas: the arts (including writing), global studies, inventive teaching, and science or sustainability.

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  • Hope Lipp Hall '88

    Inducted November 2018
    A teaching veteran of 27 years at Thornton Academy in Maine, the owner of Sunflower Farm (a no-cull Nigerian Dwarf goat dairy farm), a contributing writer for Zest Magazine, and a yoga instructor, Hope believes her passion for it all began at Watkinson.
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  • Ed Naamon '67

    Inducted May 2017
    An active alumnus of the school, he says he learned his most important lesson here at Watkinson.

    Edwin celebrated his fiftieth reunion last May. After Watkinson he went on to graduate from UCONN in 1972, then UCONN School of Medicine in 1980. Since 1988, Edwin has
    been practicing medicine at New York Presbyterian Hospital, serving the public in many areas including the emergency department and urgent care center; he has also served as Chairman of Emergency Preparedness at New York Presbyterian/Allen Hospital. He was the director of the Allen Hospital emergency department and oversaw the management of New York Presbyterian/Allen Hospital emergency department. Edwin is currently working full time at the New York Presbyterian emergency department.
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  • Laura Eden '76

    Inducted May 2016
    A beloved former faculty member as well as an alumna, Laura can be seen at Watkinson every day in the form of her paintings, which are displayed around campus.

    Art has been a part of Laura’s life since she was a little girl. Her grandmother was an accom- plished artist and taught Laura over the summers in her studio as a child. As an adolescent, Laura’s talents were nurtured at Watkinson. She went on to study art at Syracuse University and UCONN and received her BFA from UCONN in 1980.
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  • Jeff Pitchell '84

    Inducted June 2015
    An internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter, guitarist, and actor, Jeff also performed for the gathering, to great applause.

    Jeff graduated from Watkinson School in 1984; even then, his passion for music ran deep. Jeff would entertain his friends by playing his guitar on campus. He made long-lasting relationships as a student at Watkinson, particularly with one special girl; Jeff and Betsy (Elizabeth Buckingham ’84) were king and queen at their senior prom. Twenty-two years later, in 2006, they were married.
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  • Jonathan Sanders '69

    Inducted in 2014
    One of the world’s leading scholars in Russian and Soviet visual culture, Dr. Sanders has shown great dedication to and excellence in the fields of journalism and teaching. Head of school Teri Schrader presented Jonathan his award with the following words.

    “Tonight’s honoree has reached the pinnacle in journalistic excellence. Of course, I am referring to his work as Editor in Chief of the Watkinson yearbook (the Shield) and Editorial Board for the Watkinson Ramrod, the now-defunct newspaper of the 1950 and ‘60s. And then there are the only minor awards such as his Emmy and Edward R. Murrow Awards, but those pale in comparison to his work here at Watkinson. Joking aside, Dr. Jonathan Sanders is a loyal alumnus to the school and we are thrilled to welcome him home tonight."
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  • A.J. Williams-Myers '58

    Inducted in 2013
    This Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is also a distinguished educator, currently a faculty member at the State University of New York at New Paltz, where he has taught for the past 34 years. As a full professor in the Black Studies Department, he has held the department’s chair during his tenure.

    Albert James Williams-Myers was a child in 1940s Georgia, confronted daily by racism and the poor quality of black schools in his segregated hometown of Edison. At the age of 13, he was sent to the north to live with a family friend and to receive a better education than that afforded him in Georgia.
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  • Orquidia Acosta-Hathaway ’68

    Inducted in 2013
    Dr. Acosta-Hathaway is a dedicated educator and the first female graduate of Watkinson School in 1968. She then went on to graduate from Connecticut College and made a break for the west coast, moving to California. She earned her Masters in Instructional Technology at California State University and, later, a Doctorate in Education from the University of La Verne, focusing on Educational Leadership.
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  • Samuel Kassow '62

    Inducted in 2012
    Sam Kassow is a scholar recently honored for his lifelong commitment to learning and sharing his knowledge through teaching and writing. Students describe him as “living and breathing what he teaches” and describe it as “an honor to study with him” His colleagues describe a thinker who can take his “historical understanding and throw it into the future,” a man deeply “respected for his intellectual abilities and his ethical standards.”
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  • David Hemingson '82

    Inducted in 2012
    Dave is an accomplished television veteran who most recently executive produced the new series Don’t Trust The Bitch in APT 23, returning this fall for its second season. His credits include executive-producer of the critically lauded Fox comedy series Traffic Light. In addition, he created and executive-produced the Fox series Kitchen Confidential, based on Anthony Bourdan’s best-selling memoir about a bad-boy chef’s adventures in the culinary underbelly. The pilot earned the show, and him, a WGA Award nomination for Best Comedy Teleplay.
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  • Hank Gans '66

    Inducted in 2011
    Watkinson announced the recipient of the first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award for alumni at the Fall Alumni Day dinner. The Lifetime Achievement Award was created to honor Watkinson alumni who have dedicated 20 years or more to shaping the world in one of our signature areas: the arts (including writing), global studies, inventive teaching, science or sustainability.
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