Athletics Hall of Fame

Founded in 2007, the Watkinson School Athletic Hall of Fame was created to honor those players, teams, coaches or administrators who have made outstanding contributions to sports and Watkinson Athletics during their time at Watkinson or in life thereafter.


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  • 2019

    Chris Brooke '90 — varsity soccer, ice hockey and lacrosse
    Johann Smith '05 — varsity soccer and track and field
  • 2013

    Paul Gossling '69- Varsity Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
    Jake Koteen '98- Varsity Cross Country, Basketball and Tennis/ Cross Country Coach
  • 2010

    Reverend Charles Geerts - Administrator/Coach
    Austin Daniels '78 - Varsity Soccer/Coach
    Elizabeth "Liz" Wilson-Cameron '96 - Varsity Soccer
  • 2009

    Ann Marie Wilson-Leduc '91 - Varsity Basketball
    Philippe Nsoki-Miansi '64 - Varsity Soccer
    1995 Varsity Softball Team - Western New England Tournament Champions
    Coach - Dave Anderson
    Coach - Dino Aguado
    Manager – Dorian Simmons ’98
    Players - Melissa Berlin ’95, Corinna Bordewieck ’96, Rebecca Brinkman Ramsey ’96, Renata Chataigne ’98, Pamela Del Negro ’95, Kimberly Geary Wesler ’95, Amy Freedman Lopenzo ’98, Amanda Greene ’98, Kimberly Roden ’98, Alison Spector Critton ’97, Rachel Trembley ’95, Jessica Wiener ’96, Sara Woolfort ’96
  • 2008

    The inaugural class of inductees to the Watkinson Athletic Hall of fame include: 
    • Lloyd McDonald - Athletic Director/Coach
    • Don and Jean Wilson - Contributors
    • 1997 Boys Basketball Team - New England Tournament Champions
    Christopher H. Santoro '97 (manager), Maiysha Ortiz (manager), Jennifer Crozier '99  (manager), Leonard Brothers '98, John Dylan Gengras '99, Cleigh W. Turley '97, Mantas Storpirstis '97, David J. Ariosto '98, Michael C. Warner '00, Marijus Kovaliukas '97, Taylor E. Cunningham '00, Darren L. Ramos '99, Terrell Chey Christie '01 , Raheem L. Mullins '96, Jason A. Miller '97, Frederick E. Jenoure III '99, David L. Weinholtz '99, Dino Aguado (coach)


Teams/Players: 10 year post graduate or season (teams), having made outstanding contributions to Watkinson Athletics or to Sports beyond Watkinson.

Administrators/Coaches:  Individuals will be considered who have made outstanding contributions to Watkinson Athletics.

How to Nominate

Nominations will be made on a rolling basis with an April 1st deadline.  The following year's inductees announced in the fall of each year.  The Athletic Hall of Fame ceremony with be held annually in the spring.  Nominations can be sent by email to