Began composting with worms (vermicomposting), adding two large flow-throughworm bins that students converted from unused recycling bins. We use these to compost about a fourth of our vegetable waste from the kitchen.
We also added an industrial paper shredder for newspaper and office paper to use for worm bedding, for our other composting bins and for mulch in our garden. This and mulched leaves create the "brown" we need to add to the "green" of our vegetable peelings to create rich, fertile compost for our gardens.
New perennial flower beds were created next to the raised bed garden to attract bees, butterflies and beneficial insects to our vegetable garden.
Two new raised beds and a student designed and built trellis were added to the raised bed garden in the spring of 2013.
Perennial flowers beds were installed by Varsity Gardens around our gazebo on the front lawn and at the Long House entrance.
Alexis Wilcox, an educator for composting came to speak to the school, Spring 2013, and to work with classes and groups for two days. This was funded by a Grant to Inventive Learning.