Began working with organic fertilizer company in early 2009.   
Sustainability web presence launched.   
Raised beds installed in community garden, and garden expanded.  Growing vegetables to be used in Watkinson's dining room, including:
  • carrots, from seed 
  • beets, from seed 
  • Brussels Sprouts, from seedlings 
  • parsnips, from seed 
  • sunflowers, from seed 
  • onions from very small bulblets 
  • sweet potatoes from seed 
  • potatoes 
  • pumpkins from seed 
  • decorative gourds from seed 
  • winter squash from seed 
  • garlic from bulblets 
  • Herbs from seedlings
Shifted all printing of Watkinson News to be done on 100% post-consumer waste, recycled stock.  Will save approximately 60 trees annually.
Instituted "Wednesday Pasta Day" weekly as a meatless menu reduces the school's carbon footprint.
Single stream recycling implemented on campus.