Schrader Presents at Prestigious Conference

by Alexa Miano, University of Hartford Communications Intern

Teri Schrader, the head of Watkinson School, is one of six speakers to speak at the prestigious Ted Sizer conference entitled “A Conversation Among Friends: Ted Sizer’s Work Today and Tomorrow”, taking place from 8:30am to 4:30pm at the Wheeler School in Providence, Rhode Island on Saturday, November 3rd. Nancy Sizer (educator and author) will be hosting the conference, along with Linda Nathan (Executive Director of the Center for Artistry and Scholarship). A wide range of workshops, collaborations and conversations will focus on the essential question of reimagining Sizer’s ten common principles around the challenge of creating and sustaining democratic schools today.
Ted Sizer was the founder of the Coalition of Essential Schools, and one of the 20th century’s leading educational visionaries and reformers. He earned his bachelor degree from Yale, then his doctorate from Harvard. He then served in the U.S. Army, became a teacher, as well as became the Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Headmaster of Phillips Academy Andover. Sizer also went on to become chair of the education department at Brown University, where he founded the Coalition of Essential Schools in 1984. He continued to work with many of the institutions he was involved with up until he passed away in 2009. He dedicated his life to improving education so that children could have the best learning experience possible.

About the distinction of being chosen to speak, Schrader said, “I was so moved when I was asked to present, it really is an honor to be asked. Anything that is this directly connected to Ted's legacy is very important to me.”