8th Grader Wins 2019 Creative Writing Contest

The four winners from Watkinson's 2019 Creative Writing Contest received recognition and gifts on June 22th with a Katherine C. '23 as its overall winner. Administered by Cindy Z. '21 and creative writing teacher Mr. Apfelbaum, this contest received submissions from 6th-grade to PG students over the course of 2.5 months, with topics ranging from philosophical, to a symbolic discussion of judgment, to mental disorders, to dystopias and more. There will be at least one contest every year from now on; view the winning works here.

Many thanks to the student judges, including Jacob S., Allison V., Patrick H., Adam J., and Ava C., and five English teachers. Over the course of two weeks, all the judges participated in extensive reading and intense discussions to decide the best works.