From Sofia, student from Germany

Yesterday, I was going through my room, packing my suitcase to return to Germany when I saw this book, Autobiography of a Face.  I remember it being the summer reading and how much I struggled with it. I read the first chapter about 16 times and still couldn’t understand a single word. On the first day of school I told my teachers that I struggled with it, and it turned out not to be a problem. The teachers tried to find other solutions to help me and that was the first time I saw that teachers actually care. I wasn't used to this since my school in Germany is more of a “learn or fail school”... there is nothing like “try your best.”

After discovering the book yesterday, I sat down and I read the first chapter again and...I understood it! It is weird, because it showed me how much I actually learned in these 8 months at Watkinson. I can’t compare it to an English class in Germany; there you learn grammar for 45 minutes straight and as soon as you leave the classroom you don’t care about it anymore. It is so different to actually live in an American society where you’re forced to learn the language through living here. It was an awesome experience and I thank Watkinson so much for making this possible for me. I never saw a school this generous and nice before. I was surprised how polite Watkinson actually is and how the students here don’t judge other students. After only 8 months I am a real member of this community and me leaving won’t change that. The teacher-student relationship is unique here and the teachers here gave me the feeling that they actually care about me as a human being! I want thank everyone for letting me be part of this family and I will come back and I will never forget you.
Thank you!