Comments from the English Language Learners Class

Watkinson School is a small community, but it is formed by diverse cultures and families. Unlike large schools, everybody knows each other, and cares for each other in Watkinson. Also, students can be really involved in many activities and clubs. This is the best part of being at Watkinson. I am glad to be one of the Watkinson students. —Bruce Y.

The reason I chose Watkinson over other schools is Watkinson is a small community; students can get more attention from their teachers. Also, because its a small student population, you can feel more connected to each other. That's why I love Watkinson. 
—Tayu T.

Being a part of Watkinson makes me feels bonded to the school life, because the teachers here provide an environment fit for everyone. The surroundings make it a good home to stay and live, overall it's a great environment to fit in.  
—Tony M.
The one thing that I really like about this school is that the atmosphere in Watkinson School in very harmonious. Teachers here spend lots and lots of time on students.
—Alice H.
Watkinson School is a perfect and warm family. As an international student, I never feel that I’m a stranger in this community. I feel free to say hi or ask questions to my teachers and classmates. In ELL class, teachers try their best to help me, as well as other classes. Watkinson School is also really “special”. I try a lot of things that I have never done before. I love this school. 
—Lily C.