From International Students in Ms. Sibille's ELL Class

Watkinson is a friendly and helpful private school for all students, especially international students. There are different programs that are made for students to help them get better grades. For example, ELL is a special program made for international students to help them get better, fluent English.
—Daniel T.

Watkinson is a great place for international students because the teachers pay special attention to them. Also there are only 250 students in 6th grade though 12th grade, so it's a small school. All the teachers have different personalities so we have a lot of fun in Watkinson!
—Danni C.

Watkinson is a good school for international students. Every teacher and every student is so kind and friendly. Watkinson is not a big school and I think it is good because teachers can take care of you easily so I feel confident here. And also they are always ready to help you and it makes me feel at home.
—Busra S.

The best thing at Watkinson for me is the Creatives Art Program. There are different domains of art: visual art, theater, music, writing and film making. As a visual art student, I enhance my professional skills in Advanced Studio class and gain knowledge of different art forms in a seminar class. Besides, I go on field trips and master classes with the group. It is a wonderful opportunity for an international student like me to experience and learn about art.
—Nancy W.
This is my second year studying at Watkinson.  Watkinson is an ideal school for international students. I really obtained knowledge and learned a lot. Watkinson is such a small community; there are only 260 people. This is an advantage not just for international students but also for everyone in the school. Because a small community means that every individual can get more teachers’ and peers’ attention, everyone has a chance to show his/her value. In my opinion, we international students need that the most. We come from foreign countries... we barely know the culture and what life in America is like since we just got here; fitting in was what I was really concerned about when I came. But after studying at Watkinson for a while, I felt that it was not necessary to worry about those things. People here are very nice, they care about you. Also all the international students study here are hardworking, they all have positive attitudes. Therefore studying in such a nice environment is joyful. Watkinson is a terrific place to choose to go if you are an international student.  
—Sam Z.       

In my opinion, the best part of Watkinson for me is small classes. Unlike other schools, Watkinson’s classes are all 10 to 15 students at most, some of them are even less. As an international student, the small classes helped me a lot. Teachers are able to put more effort on every student; I could learn more in limited time. That’s been really good for me to develop my language and knowledge.
—Ted W.