Hartford boasts a small, nimble, personal, participatory forum. “Freshly Squeezed with Colin McEnroe,” hosted at Watkinson School, offers great debates and discussions you can dive into. Parents, community leaders, educators—everyone who cares about the challenges we’re facing these days—will love the opportunity to think and talk together.  And all of the profits benefit the education programs of three shining Hartford institutions: Billings Forge, Hartford Stage and the Mark Twain House.
For those who enjoy wisdom with wit, substance with style, and the opportunity to be part of the conversation, “Freshly Squeezed with Colin McEnroe” will become a must-go series.
"True or False? Political decorum only flows in one direction."
October 3, 2018
Common wisdom says that once you walk downstairs to the place where the sizes of candidates’ body parts are fodder for discussion, where one presidential nominee calls another “such a nasty woman” in a debate, where middle-finger salutes at the working press become commonplace at presidential rallies, you never go back up those stairs. On the eve of a midterm, we want to talk about whether that’s true and whether the 2018 political ecosystem caught the coarseness virus from 2016. And how do we get back up those stairs? How do we bleed some of the anger and vulgarity out of our political discourse?

"The King. Before There Was Lebron, There Was Elvis."
January 30, 2019
This year we want to spend some time with the artist who defined the birth of rock and roll and was the genre’s first superstar. Elvis left two legacies. Musically, he pulled several American musical traditions out of the shadows, braided them together and made them mainstream. Personally, he created a far darker template for the way a musical celebrity could be devoured by the very fame he avidly sought. Music savant and piano genius Steve Metcalf returns for his record-shattering third appearance at Freshly Squeezed.

You Are Just Something Left Over From Star Formation. But Don’t Feel Bad About It.
April 3, 2019
It could be argued that you will never understand yourself if you don’t understand the universe. And the universe is full of both beautiful and scary things. At least once, something has come roaring out of the skies to reconfigure completely life on earth. So it might be a good idea to study the heavens. If it’s a clear night, we’ll have telescopes outdoors, but one of the many misconceptions about astronomy is that it’s entirely visual. There are blind astronomers and ways to “hear” the stars. One way or another, we’re going to blow your mind.

Forums are at 7pm and are preceeded by a pre-show light meal at 5:30pm
Pricing Options:
1 forum with Dinner: $25
All 3 forums with Dinner: $50
1 forum (no Dinner): $10
All 3 forums (no Dinner): $20
All events are held in the Foisie Family Amphitheater at Watkinson School. Seating is very limited and general admission, so order today. 

Purchase tickets at brownpapertickets.com or by calling 800-838-3006.
    • Watkinson School gratefully acknowledges Fiduciary Investment Advisors as the lead sponsor of Freshly Squeezed with Colin McEnroe.

      Watkinson School gratefully acknowledges Fiduciary Investment Advisors as the lead sponsor of Freshly Squeezed with Colin McEnroe.