Creative Arts Program
Performing Arts


“The quality of a community can be judged by the quality of the questions its theater asks.”
--Liviu Ciulei, theater director

For all students, participation in theater promotes:

Certain features of the theater program at Watkinson mean that students who wish to pursue further studies in performance (at college, conservatory, or as professionals) are unusually well prepared.  
  • With four major shows per year and a small student body, students get more chances toperform
  • The range of genres we expose students to in performance is wider than most high schools attempt (see reverse)
  • Full year electives in Performance in both the middle and upper school mean that we teach voice, movement and theater history as well as various acting techniques
  • For Creative Arts Diploma students, there is an active program of field trips to live theater and master classes with visiting artists
  • Student directed work is a direct expression of the school’s mission:  to give students the power to shape their lives and the world around them