Most schools assess their students’ learning by giving exams, quizzes, and papers. Watkinson does too, but we supplement these traditional tools with Exhibitions, a unique program in which students participate in Eighth, Tenth, and Twelfth grades. Throughout the Exhibitions years, students are deliberately challenged to demonstrate mastery of skills and content creatively, illuminating themselves as learners and as people, ultimately developing at each milestone a complex and in-depth portrait of who they are and who they hope to become.

Eighth Grade Exhibitions

ask students to look at themselves as learners through the lens of C4S, and to create individual projects that incorporate and demonstrate their findings. Students receive one-on-one coaching throughout and present their projects to parents, teachers, their peers, and 7th graders—an audience of about 15 adults and students. See a sample conclusion slide from a recent 8th-grader's presentation here.

Tenth Grade Exhibitions

expect students to become collectors, evaluators, and exhibitors of their own 9th and 10th grade work in the areas of writing, applying the research method, problem-solving, and collaboration. Students receive one-on-one coaching throughout and present their findings to a small and focused audience for feedback and commendation.

Twelfth Grade Exhibitions

otherwise known as the Senior Project, challenge seniors to voluntarily and actively engage with the school’s mission, designing and executing work that arises from their particular passions and that stretches them both personally and intellectually. Each Senior Project involves the generation of an essential question or statement, substantial research (both experiential and text-based), a multi-faceted approach, and a link to the mission, C4S, and core values.